Ramin Ghadimi

Ramin is my uncle (my late mother's brother). He is three years my younger. An accomplished MD, specialized in internal medicine, he teaches in university, works in hospitals, and has published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. At the same time he is a top ranking calligrapher, and a very good painter. While we were kids, he led me into model aircrafts, astronomy and photography.

All these are fit subjects for a complete Web site. But here I want to highlight another of his extraordinary talents: Hot Roding! During the past few years he has undertaken a task of restoring and beefing up of a V8 engine. The project is finished now and here you see some of the pictures of this endeavor.

Ramin and Bahman Shidoush (L), his friend and mentor in the hot roding project.

This is the V8 as they bought it, slightly cleaned.

And this is what they delivered: a 400 bhp V8 ready to be installed in a Camaro that Ramin has just bought for the purpose.